Parent Advisory Council

2023-2024 PAC Leadership team 

Jennifer Stuckey and Kate Dinar are your BHS PAC Co-Chairs.    

Zoe Bathie is the PAC Treasurer for 2023-2024.  

Kerry White is the PAC Secretary for 2023-2024 

Check out our Volunteer Page for all sorts of opportunities large and small. 

Boulder High school - Parent Advisory council (PAC)

Who we are:

We are the PTA/PTO of Boulder High School.  Every parent and guardian of a Boulder High student is automatically a member of Parent Advisory Council (PAC).  It is the primary channel for parent communication with the school and other BHS parents through which ideas and concerns are shared and community is built. We support all facets of the BHS​ community through our many parent volunteer initiatives and programs that provide resources not funded by the BVSD district.​ Contributions of parents and guardians enrich our students’ experiences beyond what the state and district offer—significantly enhancing our faculty’s ability to deliver quality curricula.  Your enthusiastic support of PAC-sponsored activity reflects the remarkable spirit of our outstanding high school.

BHS Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a 501(c)3 organization.

Our key objectives are to:

What we do: 

Below are some examples of PAC's activities and involvement.

How Can YOU Help?

2023-24 BHS PAC Executive Committee Members


If you have a freshman or are new to the school, have a look at our Parent Information Page to help get the basic information needed for new students.  BHS PAC is also available to help with any questions so please contact us at