Parent Advisory Council

JANUARY 2021 Announcements

  • Next PAC meeting is Wednesday February 3rd at 5:30 pm via ZOOM. Register today to reserve your seat at the virtual table.

  • Interested in planning events for our 2021 Seniors? Please email Kristen Lewis or Scott Cawlfield for more information about the Senior Working Group.


Ginger Barnes and Nicole Benjamin have graciously volunteered to become the new PAC Co-Chairs for the next two years starting Fall 2021. Both have filled important roles in PAC for several years and are very involved with our community. Nicole has been PAC Secretary for 2 years and Ginger has been our District Parent Council (DPC) Representative. But as many of you already know, their experience in BVSD parent groups and volunteering goes way back. I'm so excited that PAC will continue to grow and thrive under their stewardship.

Working with these ladies has been a collaborative and FUN experience for me. And it can be for your too! We still need a Treasurer and Secretary starting in May.

The Treasurer role, thanks to Sue Reardon and Katja Yeats (previous treasurer), has become a very streamlined, easily navigated process thanks to their organization and use of Quickbooks! If you are interested in this role, please reach out to Sue to chat about the role and "shadowing" for a few months to get a feel for how easy it can be. Check out our Volunteer Page for all sorts of opportunities large and small. We are going to need all-hands on deck as we get back to NORMAL in the Fall.

Boulder High school - Parent Advisory council (PAC)

Who we are:

We are the PTA/PTO of Boulder High School. Every parent and guardian of a Boulder High student is automatically a member of Parent Advisory Council (PAC). It is the primary channel for parent communication with the school and other BHS parents through which ideas and concerns are shared and community is built. We support all facets of the BHS​ community through our many parent volunteer initiatives and programs that provide resources not funded by the BVSD district.​ Contributions of parents and guardians enrich our students’ experiences beyond what the state and district offer—significantly enhancing our faculty’s ability to deliver quality curricula. Your enthusiastic support of PAC-sponsored activity reflects the remarkable spirit of our outstanding high school.

BHS Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a 501(c)3 organization.

Our key objectives are to:

  • Augment the ability of faculty and staff to deliver programs and initiatives that inspire and encourage our students to succeed, and

  • Facilitate productive communication among Boulder High parents, administration, and teachers.

What we do:

Below are some examples of PAC's activities and involvement.

  • Communication: Through our monthly newsletter and PAC meetings, we strive to connect parents with each other and the BHS teachers and administrators. PAC meetings are open to all parents and staff to get connected and learn what's happening in our school. View PAC Meetings Page and the PAC Connections Newsletter Page.

  • Fundraising: All funds raised are used and distributed within the school for that same school year through the PAC Grant process. Our major fundraiser is "Fall Drive for Funds" Campaign. We also have Grocery Cards available which earn money for our school. View Fundraising Page or donate today through our MightyCause page.

  • Grants: Each year, through PAC grants, we fund important items like books, calculators, microscopes, software, hardware and other equipment to support classrooms, clubs, and school-wide initiatives. View PAC Grants Page.

  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation: This is a fun and easy way to say “Thank You” to our amazing BHS teachers and staff. The time commitment is minimal. We provide food 3-4 times throughout the year, hosting breakfasts or dinners during parent/teacher conferences. It can be as simple as ordering food, helping to set up and/or clean up after an event.

  • Online Student Directory: PAC sponsors an online student directory through Help@School that gives you secure access to student information to help connect families. Please be sure to opt-in. View School Directory Page.

  • Volunteers: We help provide volunteers for the different events and activities at the school including the After-prom event for Boulder and Fairview High Schools as well as proctors for AP exams. View Volunteer Page

  • Beautify Boulder High: We place great value on the continuing effort to maintain and improve the physical appearance and usability of the school grounds.

  • SAC and DAC: Parents and guardians represent Boulder High at regular meeting of the Boulder Valley School District Accountability Committee (DAC) and School Accountability Committee (SAC)

How Can YOU Help?

  • Donate Money: Please give what you can. Suggested donation of $174 per student. View the Donate section for information on sending in a donation or you can donate online today here.

  • Donate Time: Volunteers are crucial to the success of BHS PAC and we'd love for you to join us to help make the school great for our kids.

2020-21 BHS PAC Executive Committee Members

  • Co-Chairs: Melissa Serdinsky and (Vacant) -

  • Secretary: Nicole Benjamin

  • Treasurer: Sue Reardon


If you have a freshman or are new to the school, have a look at our Parent Information Page to help get the basic information needed for new students. BHS PAC is also available to help with any questions so please contact us at

Contact Us

If you have any questions about BHS PAC, would like to volunteer, or have comments for us, please email us at