Process and Rules

The Punjabi Bhoondi competition will be similar to the English Spelling Bee competition. The participants, who have registered for the competition will check-in and receive the participant number/identity sticker before the starting of the event. The participants will come to the stage one by one according to participant number.

The process and rules are as described below.

  • The participants will come to the stage one by one.
  • From the pre-selected words list, the judges will ask the participant to spell the Punjabi word.
  • The participant will then speak-out the word spellings.
  • If the participant couldn't hear the word clearly, he/she can request the word to be repeated.
  • If the participant still couldn't get it, he/she can also request a sentence using that word.
  • The participant who couldn't spell the word correctly will be eliminated from next round.
  • It will keep going until the last three participants remain.
  • There will be two (2) wild card entries. If the participant is eliminated, then the wild card entry can be used to move to next round.
  • From the last three participants the Final Round will decide the Winner, Runner Up and the Third Place participant.
  • Tie-Breaker Round: If the Winner, Runner Up and the Third Place can not be determined in the normal elimination process (in case all participants keep spelling the words correctly), then the judges can ask the words, which may not be present in the pre-selected words list.
  • The Winner, Runner Up and the Third Place participants will be given special prizes.
  • All participants will receive Participation Certificate.

[Note: Please arrive about 15-20 minutes ahead to allow the organizers to confirm the registration and print sticker number, which will be used to address the participants.]