Bhoomija Ranjan

Senior Lecturer of Marketing (Assistant Professor w/ tenure)

Monash Business School


Research Interests


"Product Launches with New Attributes: A Hybrid Conjoint-Loyalty Card Technique for Estimating Demand", with Mitchell J. Lovett and Paul B. Ellickson (Journal of Marketing Research) - Preprint pdf

"Non-Human Face Emojis in Digital Marketing: Effects, Contingencies, and Strategic Recommendations", with Yimin Cheng and Davide Orazi (Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science) - Preprint pdf 

Media mentions: National Tribune, ABC Radio, Breakfasters (Triple R),  Joy 94.9 Radio,  2SM Radio, 6PR 882, Radio New Zealand

Working Papers

"Unveiling Spatial Heterogeneity in Retail Advertising Effectiveness Using Location Data", with Bowen Luo, revise and resubmit at Journal of Marketing Research

"Linguistic Extraordinariness has curvilinear effects on experiential evaluations and consumption", with Davide Orazi, Dennis Herhausen and Sarah Miller (submitted)

"The Impact of Financial Incentives on Covid-19 Vaccination Adoption", with Jill Lei, Anish Nagpal and Satheesh Seenivasan 

Works in Progress

"Service provider performance in the gig economy: role of  commission structures", with Benedict Dellaert and Yongdong Liu

"Are Coarse Ratings Fine? An Application to Crashworthiness Ratings' Format", with Siqi Liu and Benjamin Shiller

"Effect of Location and Assortment on Category Consideration, Learning, and Choice",  with Mitchell J. Lovett and Paul B. Ellickson

"Retailer advertising over the years", with Andre Bonfrer, Pradeep Chintagunta and Sanjay Dhar

"Effect of Digital Marketing Strategy in Franchising", with Sudha Mani and Jun Wang

"Role of cognitive processing in determining word of mouth", with Stephan Ludwig, Davide C. Orazi, Hai-Anh Tran

"Role of green communication on social media sentiment", with Kristof Coussement, Paul Harrigan, Stephan Ludwig, Satheesh Seenivasan and Jason Weissmueller