Bhoomija Ranjan

Lecturer of Marketing (Assistant Professor)

Monash Business School

Prior Education

  • Ph.D. Marketing, University of Rochester, 2017

  • M.S. Business Administration, University of Rochester, 2014

  • M.A. Economics, University of Rochester, 2012

  • Integrated B.Sc.-M.Sc. Mathematics & Scientific Computing, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 2010

Research Interests

  • Brand & category building, new product entry

  • Consumer learning, consideration and search

  • Retailer assortment & pricing decisions

  • Advertising and competitive strategy

  • Quantitative marketing & structural modeling


"Product Launches with New Attributes: A Hybrid Conjoint-Loyalty Card Technique for Estimating Demand", with Mitchell J. Lovett and Paul B. Ellickson (Journal of Marketing Research) - Preprint pdf

Working Papers

"Effect of Location and Assortment on Category Consideration, Learning, and Choice", with Mitchell J. Lovett and Paul B. Ellickson

"Are Coarse Ratings Fine?: Application to Crashworthiness Ratings' Format", with Siqi Liu and Benjamin Shiller

"Customer Responses to Non-Human Face Emojis in Digital Marketing", with Yimin Cheng and Davide Orazi (Draft available on request)

"Friends or Foes?: The role of advertising in driving store traffic", with Bowen Luo

Works in Progress

" Familiarity or Extraordinarity – an empirical study in the context of Airbnb", with Stephan Ludwig, Junzhao Ma and Davide Orazi

"Advertising effectiveness and product returns ", with Peter Danaher and Yulia Nevskaya

"Role of Memory and Search in Purchase Outcomes", with Andre Bonfrer and Aruna D. Tatavarthy

"Service provider performance in the gig economy: role of incentives and commission structures", with Benedict Dellaert and Yongdong Liu

"Biases due to sales-weighted average prices in aggregate data", with Paul B. Ellickson, Mitchell J. Lovett and Guang Zeng

"Can SKUs Inform and Persuade Consumers in a Growing Experience Good Category?", with Mitchell J. Lovett

"Optimal department location and assortment allocations"