Links and Acknowledgement

A Website on Indian Coins

Wonderful Links

1. Institute of Coin studies, Nashik. 2. RBI Coin Museum.

3. India Government Mint, Mumbai (coin booking). 4. India Government Mint, Kolkata.

5. Dr Nupam Mahajan's website on Coins of India. 6. British India Coins website by JF Campbell.

7. Modern Coins of India by Kansal. 8. Wikipedia: Knowledge online.

9. Ebay : Buy and Sell coins. 10. Toddywallas Auction site.

11. British India Errors 12. British India Coins by Dr Jinadatha

13. Numismatic Society-Mangalore 14. Books on Coins (New)

Best Reference Books

1. Standard Catalog of World coins by Krause publications.

2. F Pridmore Part 4 India by Spink and sons vol I and vol II.

3. 19th and 20th century coins by D Chakravarty.

4. Coins of India by LC Bawa & SC Gupta.


1. My Family especially Dr P V Rao, my father, my Mom and vijay.

2. Sravanthi, my wife and Kids for support.

3. Sri M Mukund Prabhu, a renouned Numismatist from Mangalore, who has given me guidance and shared his expert knowledge on the coins of British India.

4. Mr Murali, Mr Nityanand Pai, Mr Radhakrishna and several other Numismatists for contributing photographs/scans of coins.

5. Authors and Publishers of BOOKS on Coins of INDIA (I can't mention-so many of them)

6. All senior Numismatists and Coin dealers.