Training MaterialS

Here you can access training materials that are written or compiled by BEYOND volunteers.

1. Basic Debating Guidebook

This guidebook aims to provide basic guide for debaters. It includes tips & tricks on creating a set up, arguments, responses and clashes

Contributors: Rizqi Isnurhadi & Aulia Anggita Larasati

2. Independent Training Guide

This guide is directed to institutions who lacks the resources (members, coaches) to conduct debate sparring. We hope that this guide can help you to train as an individual and as a community.

Contributors: Fery Kurniawan & Itqon Askary

3. Case-file template

This template is a guide for research. You'd find questions regarding up-to-date debate topics so that you can research and then answer it for yourself.

4. Ahmad Kushay's Matter Bank

This matter bank is a compilation of debate theories from various people and also concept from articles from which argument can be derived from. For starters, there is a "theories of debating" part of the matter bank which can help you grasp basic ideas in debating.

Contributor: Ahmad Kushay

5. Debating International Relations Motions

This guide provide basic tips on how to debate International Relation motion.

Contributor: Rizqi Isnurhadi