Direct Donation Drive

Donate for FIVE chances to win AMAZING prizes!

Beverly Middle School Fall Fundraiser

P.T.O. Direct Donation Drive 2018-2019

Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

100% of your donation will go DIRECTLY to your student’s education and enrichment. Our goal: $20,000 by October 5th. DONATE and WIN!!

The Direct Donation Drive is the first of two fundraisers at BMS; the second is the Spring cash calendar. We rely on the fall fundraiser for deposits for field trips, enrichment programs, and many more educational activities for your student.

$35 is our suggested per student donation - Every donation helps, every donation goes DIRECTLY to students and teachers! 100% !!!!

Contributing is EASY! Donate online or complete and return a form for each of your donations – your own family, a friend who supports education or Aunt Mary who is happy NOT to be buying something AGAIN!

Donate via PayPal at:

- or - send a check to school made out to Beverly Middle School P.T.O.

We raise and distribute more than $35,000 each school year from the Fall and Spring Fundraisers. Without YOUR financial support, we would not be able to:

$ Support core curriculum goals and teaching initiatives with agendas and program supplies

$ Provide school-wide enrichment programs such as author visits and motivational speakers

$ Subsidize field trip costs, support 8th grade activities and sponsor student social activities

All educational and non-academic programs, activities and employment opportunities at Beverly Public Schools are offered without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, homelessness, age and/or disability, and any other class or characteristic protected by law.