About Me 

About Me 

I am a person-centred therapeutic counsellor, who is warm, compassionate, sincere and accepting. This means I offer an inclusive, confidential space for you to explore what is troubling you, at your direction and pace.  With genuine interest and kindness, I listen to understand and work alongside you to explore your thoughts, feelings and current difficulties.   I am passionate about offering deep empathy to ensure you feel seen and heard in our time together.  As a member of the BACP I align with their Ethical Framework, ensuring I work safely, ethically and with your best interest in mind.

This provides space for you to understand yourself better, make changes that might be needed and for you to 'emerge' into a more fulfilled self-aware person and one who can access a more meaningful life. From having counselling you might begin to notice that you are being kinder towards yourself, feel more satisfied in life, have more understanding about your life, make healthier choices and relate to your world and those around you with more ease.

I have an interest in Complex Trauma through the work of Janina Fisher enabling me to support you in making sense of past trauma that is impacting your life.  Trauma is a process and can very much be alive in us, causing emotional blocks and distress, despite the event or events happening many years ago.  

I offer counselling to those over 18 years old. My counselling experience includes short-term and long-term counselling and I have supported individuals with perinatal mental health and survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. In my other work, I am a Safeguarding Manager for a children's mental health charity.

Qualifications and CPD

Currently studying for a Masters in Psychotherapy with a focus in Complex Trauma

Diploma in Person-Centred Therapeutic Counselling

Certified Complex Trauma Professional 

Compassionate Inquiry Professional Training

Certificate in Self-Harm and Suicide Prevention

Certificate in Understanding Mental Health

Certificate in Trauma Informed Practice 

Certificate in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Introduction to Mentalisation Based Treatment (MBT)

Working with Shame and the Inner Critic

BA (Hons) Primary Education