Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you going to build in the 300 block of N. Cherry St.?

Our building plans are going through the county and city building permit process. We anticipate the permit soon and will then seek bids.

Why don’t you join efforts with Zion Baptist and have one black church?

Much like neighbors who live in separate houses and apartments are all part of the community, Bethel AME Church and Zion Baptist Church are both part of Jesus’ one “Church”. We labor together in God’s Kingdom. Just as we would not necessarily expect neighbors to join their households, we don’t expect to “move in with” Zion, but we are blessed to work in unity together and to be in fellowship as we hope to be in neighborly relationship with all houses of faith.

Does Bethel have the money that was donated to help rebuild?

Yes, every penny donated for rebuilding is in an interest producing account and will only be used for building in the 300 block of North Cherry St.

What else are you wondering about?

We welcome your questions.

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