Tahoe Fit

Self Massage Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to use a variety of self massage techniques based on the Roll Method and other modalities to help prevent injuries, improve performance and recover while you are training or working out.

We have TWO MORE 1 1/2 hour sessions left of our workshops and focus on specific areas of your body:

Wednesday, Session 3: September 4th, Hips, Low Back, Arms, and Side Seam

Wednesday, Session 4: September 25th, Shoulders/Rotator Cuff, Chest, and Neck

After each session, you will go home with Daily Body Maintenance Protocols to follow at home. Suitable for anyone who wants to improve movement and reduce pain in their body. No experience necessary.

COST: $30 for the first session that includes a set of Original Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls in a tote ($16 value). For subsequent sessions, $20 WITHOUT a set of balls.

Additional: Balls are available for purchase during the workshops:

  • Original size pair in tote $13
  • Plus size pair in tote $15
  • Alpha Ball $14

Class is taught by Lucy Navabpour, local PMA Certified Pilates Instructor, Nutritious Movement Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist, and Roll Model Method Teacher. Lucy has been teaching self-massage techniques in combination with her other modalities for 8 years and has witnessed profound changes in her clients pain and performance levels with this work.

Welcome to Tahoe Fit!

We are a functional training studio offering Bootcamp and Barre classes.

Our goal is to provide fitness classes that fit our clients needs and wants.

If you haven't been to our gym before, we can guarantee a fun and welcoming atmosphere for all levels of fitness. You will gain a new sense of accomplishment and acquire new friends along the way!

Living in Tahoe, our activities are never ending. Having a consistent, functional, and appropriate fitness routine is necessary for keeping up with the things we love!