7 Best PDF Converter Software for Windows

Finding a PDF converter that converts PDFs to other file formats accurately may be a little bit challenging. This is especially so with numerous PDF converter software in the market. Some of the factors that determine the converter to use are needs, type of work, or whether it will be for official or personal use. With the three, you can determine the software that has the most suitable features. One may choose to go through each PDF conversion tool to get the best for their work purposes.

However, that might be time-consuming as one may end up being frustrated due to wastage of time. Therefore, one of the surest ways to settle on the best tool is to go through reviews as they help you determine the best software for your workload. This review will help you get to know about some of the options there are on the internet, their benefits and their disadvantages and what they have to offer. Therefore, you will be better placed to select the best PDF converter for your Windows PC.

TalkHelper PDF Converter (Recommended)

TalkHelper PDF Converter is a simple tool that converts PDF files to other file formats such as EPUB, PDF, HTML with OCR. What makes it stand out as one of the best PDF converters for Windows is that it is compatible with almost all Windows versions. It provides for a drag and drop function which allows you to select numerous files at the same time.

After the PDF conversion, you will notice that the generated files have precise details as the original ones. You can also merge various PDFs into a single file which is an awesome ability.

The PDF converter software can convert numerous files at the same time. It allows as many as two hundred PDF files to be converted at once. One of the best things that you get with Wondershare is that it ignores security restrictions on PDFs that would otherwise prevent conversion.


  • High Quality in PDF Conversion

  • Supports PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, and 20 more formats


  • Does not allows for PDF editing

Soda PDF Pro

Soda PDF Pro is a powerful PDF converter that allows a user to convert PDF files to over 300 file formats giving you a wide variety of outputs to choose from. Some of the output formats supported include Word, Excel, PPT, HTML among others. Other features that you get include the ability to read PDFs and other digital publication in 3D as the software has a page flipping technology. In addition, you can annotate and collaborate your documents with others to make reading easy.

The online PDF converter is able to merge numerous PDFs into a single file. Another feature that makes it stand out is that PDF files can be split into multiple files whereby the user can convert the portions they are interested in.

Converting scanned documents has been made easy by Soda PDF Pro as it uses OCR to unlock texts within the document. After you are through with converting your documents, you can easily store them in the cloud for future use.


  • Supports multiple languages

  • Has collaboration tools


  • Unable to work with ePub files

Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro competes with some of the best PDF converters as it provides all the features that a business would need. Some of the top features that you get include content editing tools that allow you to make changes on PDF files. Its interface has incorporated a ribbon similar to that of MS word making it easy to use.

The annotation and collaboration tools allow the user to mark documents by using sticky notes, drawings, call outs among others. Some of the PDF conversion abilities that you get include converting scanned documents into searchable and editable text. PDFs that have been converted retain their original formats giving you an easy time when using them.

Nitro Pro integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive which enable you to access all your PDF files wherever you are. Finally, the PDF converter incorporates security features that allow you to protect your documents.


  • User-friendly interface

  • Provides for cloud integration

  • Near accurate document conversion


  • Lacks mobile integration

Free Online OCR

Free Online OCR offers online conversion services by optical character recognition that enables conversion. It is one of the best PDF converters online as you don’t come across numerous ads during the conversion process considering that it is free. It supports multiple languages making it ideal for office use where people come from different backgrounds.

The PDF converter tool supports multiple files output giving users a variety of options to select from. For instance, one can opt for Excel, Word, RTF and many more. Once converted PDFs and scanned documents retain their original formats and are editable. The online PDF converter allows for batch conversions which is time-saving.


  • It is free

  • Offers high images after conversion


  • Large files cannot be converted on the free version.

Icecream PDF Converter

Icecream PDF Converter is a flexible and free converter that enables users to convert PDF files to file formats such as DOC, DOCX, JPG, PNG, HTML, and many more. The PDF converter has batch conversion abilities and can handle ten files at the same time. Some of the top features that you get with the software include splitting a PDF file into several documents rather than a large one.

This is an important feature as you can extract specific information from a PDF file. The PDF converter software makes use of graphical user interface which attracts new users giving them an easy time. In addition, the tool converts numerous file formats to PDF with ease, some of the formats that can be converted include BMP, EPUB, DOC, ODT, ODS, MOBI and HTML.

Icecream PDF Converter is probably one of the best free tools that you can come across on the web.


  • Free of charge

  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited number of files during batch conversion

Nuance Power PDF Converter

Adobe Acrobat is probably one of the most popular PDF converter tools. However, Nuance Power has gained a lot of popularity as it has features that are almost similar to Adobe Acrobat and it has a relatively lower price. The PDF converter uses the MS Office ribbon interface style that makes it easy for users to use and navigate.

There is a “find tool” located at the menu bar to enable the user get the feature they need. The PDF to word converter can also convert scanned documents turning them into editable formats. Its integration with MS office allows users to easily convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into PDFs. The annotation and mark up tools are well developed and it also allows the user dictate comments into a note which are accurately converted into text.

Some of the security features that you get include, redacting sensitive information, limiting access, and supports digital signatures. The PDF converter software goes for $150 which is quite affordable. Overall, it stands out as one of the best PDF converters as it has awesome features and is also affordable.


  • User-friendly interface

  • Numerous PDF customization tools

  • Voice recognition

  • Batch conversion


  • No online version available

UniPDF Converter

UniPDF Converter is yet another software that helps in converting PDF files to other file formats such as HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPG, and PNG. The most exciting part is that it is free yet has some of the best PDF conversion results.

Some of the top features that you get with the converter is that there are no size restrictions.

You can, therefore, upload a PDF of any size and initiate the conversion process. The PDF converter has one of the best UI and it is easy to use. This makes it the right tool for newbies who are trying out on PDF conversion.

Even after conversion, you get a replication of the original document which retains tables and columns. In addition, it provides for batch processing ensuring that users can convert numerous PDFs at the same time. Batch conversion takes a relatively short time making it an effective tool.


  • Batch conversion

  • Multiple format output

  • No size restrictions


  • Comes with crapware

  • The user has to change settings during every conversion session


There are numerous PDF converter software on the web. However, very few offer a full package of what you may need for efficient PDF conversion. Therefore, the listed PDF converters listed above will give you an easy time when deciding on what to settle for.

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