How to Use

Tips on Using Dog Nail Clippers

First, gather all of your supplies (the dog nail clippers, treats, and nail file) and place them in a comfortable area for you and your dog. Place your dog on his/her tummy. This will ensure safety and comfort for both you and your dog as you trim the nails. Give him/her something to occupy his attention like a bone or a chew toy. Or get someone to help you distract the dog with love, scratches and attention while you clip.

Make sure the dog nail clippers are sharp and begin at the tip of the nail. Snip small pieces a little at a time. If you begin to see a little bit of moisture, it’s time to stop clipping. You don't want to cut into the quick. Its an area of the nail which is very sensitive and will bleed easily. On dark nails its hard to see, but on white nails, the quick is the pink area.

An important area not to forget is the dewclaw nail on the inside of the leg. This nail is notorious (at least in my household) for getting snagged. This nail doesn't wear down like the other nails so may need to be trimmed more often.

Use dog nail clippers when those nails start to click on the floor or snag on the carpet (once or twice a month). With neglect, the quick will lengthen and can cause poor nail health. Then use a nail file to smooth down any rough areas.

Practice makes perfect. As you continue you will become more comfortable in the grooming process. Grooming your dog is just as important as grooming yourself. Just as your nails need attention, so do your pets.