About Me

Be Smart Bookkeeeping

Bookkeeping For Small Businesses

I'm Ashley Mulso, owner of Be Smart Bookkeeping, LLC, and I give business owners like you back the 3 things you got into business for:

TIME: Are you trying to do it all? How much of your time are you spending on accounting instead of building your business and increasing your profits? Focus on what you're good at!

MONEY: What cash are you wasting on late fees, poor decisions, or indecision? How many mistakes have you made along the way? What are those mistakes costing you in taxes, or expensive CPA time?

SANITY: Imagine how nice it would be if you had a professional on your side, giving you instant, timely access to your company's financial information so you can make the best decisions for your business!

Be Smart Bookkeeping L.L.C. delivers consistent bookkeeping designed to help small businesses make better decisions, seamlessly integrating with your business, tools, and team - all from secure, cloud-based software.

A little about me: I graduated with my MBA in May, 2022. I'm QuickBooks Online certified and have worked in the accounting field for many years. I've grown up in Canon City, CO and am also a teacher at CCHS, where I get to teach students about personal finance. Yep, I like to stay busy! I look forward to learning more about you and how I can help your business!