Altar Society

Cleans and beautifies the church to make it a befitting place for worship.

Fair Committee

Coordinates efforts in the planning and preparation for the annual parish fairs at St. Benedict and St. Augustine.

Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council serves the parish community by assisting the Pastor in exercising proper stewardship of the resources of the Parish. The Council meets to monitor the Parish income and expenses, to review ongoing projects, and to do long-term planning for the financial security of the Parish The Council helps the Pastor prepare the yearly budget and financial report to the Parish.

Fundraising Committee

Plans and coordinates functions that will raise needed capital for the churches.

Liturgy Committee

Plans and coordinates all worship and liturgical activities in the parish. Consists of the heads of the liturgical ministries and looking for new members with creative ideas.

Pastoral Council

The St. Benedict the Moor Parish Council has a leadership role in discerning the Parish vision and mission and setting the direction for the Parish. The Council also discerns the effectiveness with which the Council, Committees, and ministries implement the overall Parish vision. The Council helps the Pastor and Parish in two ways: (1) Help articulate the unique mission of the Parish and manifest that mission in a Pastoral plan; and (2) Consult with and advise the Pastor on matters of general importance to the Parish community.

Pastoral Social Committee

Provides their services to the Pastor and other ministries as needed.