BA Furtado, PhD Researcher

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I am an urban policy analyst.

Current interests: Complex Systems and Agent-based Modeling

Since 2014 I have been fully dedicated to studying Complex Systems applied to urban analysis. First on editing a review book on policy modeling with leading international scholars. And then developing an Economic Spatial Agent-based model, also published as a book. The emphasis on an adequate methodology to study urban policy came from previous diagnosis on Brazilian metropolises and regional economics.

Affiliation. In 2009 I started as a tenure-track researcher at Ipea - a government think-tank. I have been an urban studies coordinator and a deputy director. I am currently a coordinator at the Infrastructure, Innovation and Sectorial Studies Department. Since 2014, I have held a productivity grant from National Council of Research - CNPq. As a federal worker, I got tenure in 2012.

Path-dependence. Back in the 1990s, I studied slums and urban mobility during my undergraduate studies as an Architect and Urbanist. I then went on to a quantitative Master course in Geography with an emphasis on municipalities and spatial analysis. From 2003 onwards, I became a teacher and in 2005 started my Doctorate in Regional Economics at CEDEPLAR. In 2008 I did an internship at RIKS (Maastrich, Netherlands) and made a co-tutorship agreement at Urban and Regional Centre (Utrecht University) where I defended my thesis in 2009.

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