Running For Commissioner Pos. 1

OTHER PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 30 years of experience; Development of the B2 Bomber Northrop Aircraft, Flight Test Operations Engineer NASA, Project Management Hanford, Licensed Commercial Pilot, Experimental Aircraft Builder and Test Pilot, and Founder/Owner two small businesses here in Richland.

EDUCATION: Graduate of Richland High School, Bachelor of Science Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Tutor for Elementary School children, Coach for Destination Imagination and Lego League, Volunteer for Camp Patriot, and Volunteer for Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving program.

STATEMENT: I am very excited for the opportunity to use my education and 30 years of experience to foster and promote the Port of Benton and our community. Each year as a pilot I meet hundreds, sometimes thousands of people. This gives me a unique opportunity to be an Ambassador for the Port of Benton and our community. I would be able to speak to businesses from all over this country. Present the advantages of doing business right here in Richland, Prosser, and Benton City. Highlight work site availability, local skilled labor available from a 57,000 population base, and the incredible infrastructures of rail, water, and interstate transportation. This effort would support the Port’s mission of promoting economic development and creating new jobs for our community.

As a local small business owner I understand how tight the balance is between operating expenses and profit margins. As Commissioner I would focus on creating better opportunities for home grown small businesses to succeed and grow. Creating stability and long term revenues for the Port of Benton, and our community.

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