Youssef Benzarti

​I am an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research.


​​You can download my CV here



​​​"Playing Hide and Seek: How Lenders Respond to Borrower Protection". Review of Economics and Statistics, Accepted. December 2021. NBER Working Paper No. 26382. Featured in: NBER Research Spotlight,

"Can Payroll Tax Cuts Help Firms During Recessions?" with Jarkko Harju (VATT).  Journal of Public Economics 200 (2021) 104472.​ NBER Working Paper No. 27485.

​​​"Using Payroll Tax Variation to Unpack the Black Box of Firm-Level Production" with Jarkko Harju (VATT). Journal of the European Economic Association 19.5 (2021): 2737-2764. NBER Working Paper No. 26640.

"Do Value-Added Taxes Affect International Trade Flows? Evidence From 30 Years of Tax Reforms" with Alisa Tazhitdinova (UCSB). AEJ: Economic Policy, Vol 13 No. 4. NBER Working Paper No. 26195.

"Does Mandating Social Insurance Affect Entrepreneurial Activity?" with Jarkko Harju (VATT) and Tuomas Matikka (VATT). American Economic Review: Insights, June 2020. Publisher's Link. NBER Working Paper No. 25651. Featured in AEA Research Highlights.