Video Services

Welcome to my video samples page. I shot and edited every video on this page. I hope you enjoy them.

4 full HD angles, 2 gimbals, and 6 discrete channels of audio to capture your gig!

You could have HD video of your show suitable for social media.

For pro audio, you'll get a Zoom H6 with 6 separate/discrete tracks. That's 6 tracks to balance/mix/EQ and add effects to.

A real pleasure to work with one of the top singers in the SF bay area and Cordoba music! We shot this one with 4 HG 20's a Sony A7 and a gimbal.

A fun video I did for Haulin Oats: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates! I got pretty addicted to this band and wound up bring my whole family out to see them live a couple of times!

Here's a video I did, complete with logo animations for the awesome corporate band People Power Band! I combined footage from my 4 HD cameras with a gimbal for a super smooth cinematic feel. Audio came live from the cameras.

Visit my channel here to browse many of my videos. As a fellow recording musician, I understands the demands of a recording session environment and will make sure you look and sound great.

I would love to come out to your gig to do a recording of your group.

Please contact me if you would like more information about booking an affordable recording session.

Text/Voicemail only: (408) 634-0895


"Ben has the knowledge as a musician and also as an experienced user of the latest audio and video recording software and hardware to make fantastic recordings!" 
-Marty Honda, professional violinist/educator

Video Equipment list:

  • (4) Canon G20's
  • (1) Sony A7, 3 different lenses
  • 2 Feiyu Gimbals (steady cams)

Audio Equipment List:

  • Zoom H6
  • (2) Shure SM57's
  • (2) Shure SM58's
  • (2) Audio Technica AT2020's
  • ElectroVoice RE20