The ZHAW SML Nearshoring Index indicates the attractiveness of regions in Europe for Swiss IT service firms. The index can take values between 0 and 100, where higher numbers represent more attractive region. Regions are colored in accordance to their Nearshoring Index, where light yellow colors indicate less attractive regions and darker red colors regions that are more attractive.

The ZHAW SML Nearshoring Index is the aggregate of 5 weighted factors: Labor Factors, Economic Factors, Institutional Factors, Location Factors, and Social Factors. Each factor can be separately selected in the dropdown menu. Additionally we included a Cost-Efficiency Index, which weights cost components much higher than the ZHAW SML Nearshoring Index.

The Top 10 regions for the selected Index or Factor are shown in the Table above.

A detailed description of the methodical approach be found here and the underlying data can be found here.