Benjamin Drury

Gameplay & Tools Programmer | Unity | UE4 | VR

My Work

A technical themed puzzle problem-solving game.

Unity PC

Solo Project:

  • Design
  • Art
  • Programming

Educational App, for teaching St John accredited first-aid hands on in VR.

Unity Tethered-VR

My role:

  • Gameplay, Tools, and UI programming
  • Performance optimisation
  • Technical documentation

Architectural interactive VR walkthroug

UE4 Quest VR

My role:

  • Gameplay, Tools, and UI programming
  • Platform optimisation
  • Technical documentation

About Me

I have been developing my skills as a creative media developer over the past five years. I love computers and have a passion for complex simulated systems, artistic visualisations, and tools development. My other interests are AI interactions, swarm intelligence, generated behaviours, elegant technical solutions, procedural generation, assets & behaviours, and nice spreadsheets.

I have experience in: UE4 & Unity, Quest VR.

I also love TTRPG's, Rogue -likes, immersive sims, Zachlikes (Zachtronics games), space, mars, learning about math & physics.

Sometime soon I would like to simulate Physarum Polycephalum as a real-time agent.