Black English Language Professionals and Friends

Statement of Purpose

The Black English Language Professionals and Friends (BELPaF) forum exists to enhance the professional growth and development of ESOL professionals of color and to support the needs of ESOL students of color and their teachers. The BELPaF forum is inclusive in nature, and welcomes the participation of all who are interested in issues affecting students and teachers of color worldwide and is a resource for the TESOL community.

BELPaF Goals

1. Ensure excellence in English language teaching by providing opportunities for networking and mentoring among professionals of color in the field of ESOL

2. Provide support for teachers who teach ESOL students of color worldwide

3.. Increase the number of people of color in the field of ESOL

4. Advocate for more racially and culturally diverse contributions to and representation in ESOL textbooks, materials, and literature

5. Encourage research, publications, and convention proposals on issues related to varieties of English in their distinctive cultural, sociolinguistic, and educational contexts

6. Oppose discriminatory hiring practices and stereotypes or negative images of people of color worldwide

Empowering Black TESOL Professionals and English Learners

In keeping the mission and goals of BELPaF in mind and continuing to maintain a high level of

professionalism and self-reliance, we will provide an opportunity for our members and friends to come

together in collegiality, present our data, and support one another. In the face of racism and other forms

of marginalization, we vow to sustain our professional endeavors and empower ourselves and each other.