Belén García Pascual

I am a mathematician doing a PhD in Biomathematics in the Stochastic Biology Group at the University of Bergen, Norway.  My supervisors are Iain Johnston and Jan Nordbotten. I have a master in Topology from the University of Bergen under the supervision of Morten Brun, and a bachelor in Mathematics from Complutense University of Madrid supervised by Luis Giraldo Suárez.


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 📍   Realfagbygget, Állegt.41, 5020, Bergen, Norway. 

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My research

I work with mathematical models (deterministic and stochastic) to explain why throughout evolution, bioenergetic organelles (mitochondria and plastids) have ended up with the genes they do for different environmental dynamics. I also explore multi-scale, evolutionary systems using large computational models. Other research work focuses on the use of tools from topological data analysis to compare weighted hypercubes of progression pathways. I have also done research in generative artificial intelligence using large language models (LLMs) for synthetic patient data in healthcare .

Research interests:

Topological data analysis, LLMs, synthetic data, systems biology, mathematical modelling, complex systems, algebraic geometry tools in biology, biostatistics, phenotypic plasticity, mitochondria, cell biology. 


The cellular basis of feeding-dependent body size plasticity in sea anemones. Preprint.

Cellular and environmental dynamics influence species-specific extents of organelle gene retention.  Article Proceedings of the Royal Society B and preprint

Determining homology of an unknown space from a sample. Article European Journal of Mathematics and preprint.


Industry experience

Industry internship  at Det Norske Veritas (DNV) in the healthcare team of Group Research and Development.  Funded by Digital Life Norway (DLN). Oslo. September-December 2023. 

Teaching experience

Conferences and seminars

Scientific programming



Gender equality projects



Perhaps my biggest hobbies are plants, as I enjoy a lot gardening,  indoor plants and plant shops.  I also love The Lord of the Rings, classic movies (especially with Audrey Hepburn or Cary Grant), fashion, the northern lights and rock and (post-)punk music. The pictures below are of my dearest rabbit Dorothy ❤️