Meet Koda!

Hey friends!  We are so excited to introduce you to Koda, our beloved Goldendoodle!  Koda is a white and curly-haired pup who will grow up to be around 70 pounds.  He's a fun-loving, friendly, and sweet dog who brings a lot of laughter and joy to our life, and I'm sure he will do the same for you!  Koda is being trained to become a therapy dog.  He is VERY excited about visiting schools and helping students in any way he can, spreading happiness and positivity everywhere he goes (and is so adorable, he will surely melt hearts...we may be biased!).  We are so excited to share some of fun things that Koda does to make us smile every day!!!  

People are always asking us where we got things and for links, so we have included some of the things that we use with Koda and that we have found AWESOME!  We are just sharing what we like and hope it helps!  


We have our favorite items that we use in the car!


Keeping Koda groomed is a daily commitment with the right tools!  We have bought pretty much all of them and below are our favorites!


Koda eats all his meals in his puzzles (unless we are hand feeding him while training).  He loves it, and it stimulates his brain!


Koda has an allergy to chicken, so we have to be VERY careful about what he eats.  Soooooo many things have chicken in the fine print (you really have to check that).  He is also very picky and really isn't very food motivated, which makes training a bit challenging at times as we are big believers in positive reinforcement.  We have had to search for things that are really tasty!  Here are some of the treats that we have found that check all the boxes for us!


When we adventure in winter weather places, to keep Koda protected from the cold, snow, and ice he has great winter wear!  It took a bit to find what actually worked well for him.


Below are some of the things that we have used with Koda that we love.  We know how hard it is to find good quality items at a good price, so we are just sharing some of things that have worked well for us.  Please let us know of any great finds that you use!

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