Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Research Group

Group photo of remote work at BEE lab.

Welcome to the Behavioral and Experimental Economics (BEE) Research Group. At BEE, we use experiments to address questions about how economic theory can predict human behavior in the areas of health, education, financial decision-making and charitable giving. We work together with firms, charitable organizations, and schools to study human behavior in action.

Our largest project is the Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center (CHECC) research study. At CHECC, we study how the academic achievement gap can be reduced through early childhood interventions. We also study the malleability of economic preferences at an early age.

Use the links at the top to learn more about our group. We have a large team of research assistants who work with us each year. We work on a variety of topics with collaborators from all over the world. Our student alumni have gone on to excellent industry and graduate program placements, including the Wharton School Ph.D. program, the University of Chicago Master's program, and Goldman Sachs.

BEE is co-located at the University of California San Diego and the University of Southern California Center for Economic and Social Research. We also employ students at the University of Chicago to work on the CHECC project.