Patty Bee of Hartford Connecticut founded Beehive Financial Group with a mission to break the cycle of hardship in communities and to equip families with financial literacy, security and building generational wealth.

Along with her team, Patty works to assist clients in developing a strategy to achieve their personal and financial goals through individualized guidance and a step by step plan. The focus is to show our clients a cohesive vision of hope through practical solutions and achievable small steps that will lead to success and personal growth.

Our team specializes in: ✔️Mentorship, ✔️Credit Repair, ✔️Budget Planning, ✔️Savings and ✔️Generating Income.

*Beehive Financial Group or any of its counterparts do not provide therapy, medical, tax or legal advice.


Ready to beat procrastination, get your finances in order, start a business, learn to manage your time, or build better relationships? Our sessions are for those who are tired of feeling stuck and are ready to take action. Each session includes one-on-one mentoring, starting from identifying the root causes of the issues and creating a systematic plan to help our client reach short and long-term goals while experiencing exciting growth and personal achievement along the way.

Credit repair

Our credit repair services can assist our clients in disputing the credit bureaus to remove inaccurate, obsolete and erroneous items. We aim to maximize financial opportunities to move them closer to their goals.

Budget planning

Clients receive personalized coaching in creating a budget to help plan their spending ahead of time. Our budget plans help get finances in order, assist in debt elimination and create an emergency savings plan for those unexpected events.


We provide our clients with services designed to build short-term or long-term savings goals. Our goal is to build a plan that reflects a client's current situation with the flexibility to accommodate the unexpected along the way.

generate extra income
We are accepting work from home new agents!


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