How long are appointments and how often will we meet?

Session length and frequency can vary and will be determined at the beginning of treatment, but typically sessions are 50 minutes. Sessions are usually held weekly, although exceptions can be made.

Can you prescribe medication?

As a psychologist, I am unable to prescribe medication. However, there is much evidence to support the efficacy of psychotherapy with concurrent medication management, therefore I am happy to help my patients find a psychiatrist that can prescribe medication.

What is the cost for sessions?

I provide a free initial, 15-minute phone consultation. My full fee for a 50-minute psychotherapy session is $250. At present, I do not accept insurance. However, my fees are insurance reimbursable with out of network benefits. Contact your insurance company to see if this is a viable option for you.

How do I get started?

Treatment generally begins with a free phone consultation, to determine if we might be a good fit. I will typically ask about current problems, treatment history, goals, and logistical matters (scheduling, payment, etc.). Please give me a call at 415-236-2499.