Advertising Contact


The phone contact number for hotel advertising beach hotels in Perth is Ben's 0418 958 799. It's not to answer tourists' questions about beachfront hotels in Perth. It is for Perth beach hotel marketing executives such as DoSM, Hotel Marketing Managers, Hotel PR and digital marketing agencies to contact me by phone or online form.

Alternatively those with the job of hotel marketing manager or other hotel executive is always welcome at my Trigg Beach office for a cuppa and free introductory SEO consultation for Perth beach hotels.

Marketing for Perth hotels includes online advertising and digital marketing for Perth hotels.

Online advertising for Perth hotels includes:

  1. Advertorials on our Perth hotel web sites with dofollow link juice.

  2. Banner ads

  3. Map marketing with your hotel/s pin/s on our Google winning page for google map accommodation perth.

  4. Content marketing after our fam tour of your Perth beach hotel and content production. Eg your Perth hotel video marketing on our web pages and Youtube channels which have had over half a million views.

Digital marketing for Perth hotels includes:

  1. The best digital marketing advice in Perth.

  2. Winning SEO strategy consultations for Perth hotels.

  3. High level digital marketing for professional development of Perth hoteliers. Even good for hotel bean counters so that they can understand the cost/benefit of digital hotel marketing in Perth reaching the right target market worldwide.

To learn more contact Ben Grummels for your free introductory hotel marketing consultation in Perth Western Australia.