Looking for a nice, affordable beach hotel in Perth Western Australia? Search and book online Perth beach hotels by distance from Perth's CBD, price and features. See photos of Perth beaches or better still bring your camera to take photos of Perth beaches. In the morning, before the sea breeze known as the Fremantle Doctor, you'll photograph Perth's Indian Ocean beaches at their pristine best. During the sea breeze enjoy a beachfront cafe or lounge by your Perth beach hotel with a swiming pool.


When selecting a Perth beach hotel to book online it's best to book direct for savings and keeping money in Australia rather than greedy international OTAs.
Location of a beach hotel is important depending if you have your own on public transport. Many Perth beach hotel websites show beautiful photos of Perth beaches but the hotel is far from the beach. Check on Google maps how far the hotel you're interested in booking is from the beach. If you're attending an event near a Perth beach then book at that beach. If you want big shady trees near the beach then Cottesloe Beach hotels are the go. If you want lots of restaurants and night life then try Scarborough Beach and Cottesloe beach. If you want to go to Rottnest book Sorrento Beach hotels which are near Hillary's Boat Harbour are the go. Beaches south of Fremantle have access to good fishing in Cockburn Sound and Garden Island.

Accommodation Scarborough Beach The photo at the top of this web page is of services hotel beachfront apartments at Scarborough Beach where the ex-wife of this site's publisher works. If you want a beach in Perth with most things to do then it's Scarborough Beach. Scarborough beach is voted as the most favourite beach in Perth.

Beachfront hotels Scarborough Beach Perth WA.

Book Beach Hotels Perth DIRECT, NOT via an on line travel agent (OTA). Support Australian businesses not OTAs,

Perth Beach photos and map of Perth beaches.

Surfing Perth's surf beaches of the Sunset Coast is a popular thing to do in Perth. A one page website about the best beaches in Perth with a Google map of Perth's beaches.

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Beach hotel near Perth

Beach hotel near Perth, in Perth's northern suburb of Bali. Nusa Dua Beach, Bali.

Glamping tent hotel near the beach at Rottnest Island

Glamping beachfront tent hotel near Pinky Beach Rottnest Island

Scarborough Beach has the most beach hotels in Perth. The biggest beach hotel at Scarborough Beach is Hotel Rendezvous.