Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Curriculum Vitae: (PDF)



A previous version circulated under the title “A Note on Variance Decomposition with Local Projections,” NBER Working Paper No. 23998, November 2017.

Working Papers

  • "Business Cycles and Earnings Inequality." (PDF, Appendix).

  • "ABCs of Understanding Single Equation Regressions," (with ChaeWon Baek). (PDF, Appendix).

A previous version circulated under the title “Model Selection and Impulse Responses with Single Equation Regressions."
  • "A Three-Factor Model of the Earnings Distribution." (PDF).

Work in Progress

  • "Wealth Inequality and Low Real Interest Rates."

  • "Endogenous Wedges in the Aggregate Euler Equation due to Wealth Inequality."

  • "Lag Order Selection in Local Projections."

Publication in Korean

  • "A Dynamic Analysis of Income Composition and Transition in Korea," (with Jae-Young Kim), 2013. Korean Economic Journal (경제논집) 52(2), 119-144.