Brain Buster Quiz 2024

 Welcome to BRAIN BUSTER QUIZ 2024, your daily dose of mind-challenging fun! Dive into over 365 quizzes spanning five educational levels, from elementary to graduate school, each containing 10 intriguing questions. With just 5 to 15 seconds to answer, these quizzes are designed to stimulate your intellect and keep you engaged. Join us on a year-long journey, starting from Quiz 1 to Quiz 365 and beyond, with a total of 3650 questions for you to conquer. Can you rise to the challenge and become a quiz master? That is just the beginning. Stay tuned for additional quizzes and contests added throughout 2024!  

Audio Intro about BBQ2024

This short video (3:27) includes a narrator explaining how the BRAIN BUSTER QUIZ 2024 is set up and ready for you to challenge. The visual is nothing but rain and the sounds of a storm. Watch the rain fall and concentrate on the narration. Quickly learn the rules and meet your challenge.                                                      GOOD LUCK!

Daily Quiz Challenge

     The BBQ 2024 consists of five (5) levels of quiz challenges. Level 1 consists of questions aligned to 4th or 5th grade level and each level of questions requires expanded subject knowledge. Level 5's questions, many contestants may find the greatest challenge as they tend to be more defined. These questions require an expanded knowledge of defined subjects.  Everyone should begin their challenge at Level 1 and work their way to Level 5. Each Level will consist of 100 quizzes and each quiz consists of 10 questions.  You  have 5 to 15 seconds to answer a question based on the Level. Each quiz on take 3 to 5 minutes.  There are a total of 500 quizzes consisting of 5000 questions expanding a vast subject range.  GOOD LUCK!

BBQ Mini Series

     The BBQ's Mini Series provides 3 to 5 minute documentaries on a vast number of subjects.  The series is added to almost daily with a projected 300 mini films to be produced and published during 2024.  Each film  at the end, includes links to websites for additional information on the subject discussed.                                                    ________________________

     The reason for producing the mini series is provide a resource for SPECIAL QUIZ CONTESTS that will be announced to subscribers over the year. This enables contestants the ability to grab additional points and reach the 5000 point Brain Buster Quiz 2024 Genius Title.                  

Take the 3 to 5 minute challenge daily. Have some fun, meet the challenge and learn a thing or two. 

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin 

BBQ 2024 Score Sheet

Earn 3,650 Points!

     Earn 1 point for each correct answer. Score keeping and honesty are a personal choice. BBQ  2024 uses the same practice golfers use. You get your score card. You record your score. Click the Form to the Left and grab your score card. Ten correct answers a day will earn you 3,650 and BBQ's TOP CHALLENGER Award.   

Request the BBQ 2024 Guide Book for Competitions!

Form a Team - Compete

     With hundreds of quizzes, thousands of questions and endless subjects, at 5 levels of knowledge, community contests can be fun.  Set up a contest in your school, between schools, or classrooms. Retirement communities, clubs, churches or just between family and friends establishing  competitions can be great fun .  Request a free copy of the BBQ 2024 Guide Book for Competitions. This is a guide to assist in setting up local contest using the 5 Levels of Questions and over 500 quizzes.

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