BBE Title 1

What is Title 1 and how does Benny Bills Elementary benefit from Title 1 funds? Check out the slides below to find out!

What is Title Brochure 22-23
SP What is Title Brochure 22-23

What is Title 1?

Title 1 is the largest federal assistance program for our nation's schools. The goal of Title 1 is a high-quality education for every child. The program provides extra help to students who need it the most. All Title 1 teachers and paraprofessionals are highly qualified.

What does Title 1 Do?

**Helps children do better in school and feel better about themselves.

**Help parents gain more insight into their child's education.

**Help improve teacher-parent relationships by increased communication through parent surveys and suggestions.

How does Title 1 Work at Benny Bills?

Title 1 teachers will conduct small group reading lessons for K - 5 students in need of extra reading support in the PAWS lab.

Title 1 para pros will assist classroom teachers by providing one-on-one help or small group instruction to students within the classroom in either reading or math.

How can YOU help?

*Support and share information with your child's teacher.

*Attend school functions.

*Volunteer for the classroom and the school PTO.

*READ to your child. With your child, and BESIDE your child.

*Show interest in your child's day.

*Check their folders, look over their homework.

*Praise their improvements and good behavior.

BBE Title 1 Staff

Title 1 Teachers:

Kathy Childress

Jennifer Parker


Meghan Leek

Alicia Loftis

Sandy Meguiar

Serena Simons

Becky Troutt