Potential projects

Projects presented and discussed at Workshop 2 - February 26, 2020:

Bay Spring Potential Projects - from Workshop 2 2020026.pdf

Projects and Actions identified during the February 12, 2020 Workshop:

THEME: Improving Perimeter of Neighborhood

  • Oyster reef to slow erosion build living shoreline
  • Latham Park/southwest edge treatment/hardening
  • Maintain Allin’s Cove
  • Green Avenue street end/shoreline adaptation
  • Clean-up invasive species
  • Surf break to slow erosion
  • Boat channel negative impacts from wakes
  • Read Avenue property buyout; infrastructure removal?

THEME: Managing Stormwater

  • Make sure stormwater gets out
  • End of road treatments at Bay Spring, Green, Adams, etc.
  • Road maintenance to resolve flooding
  • Bay Spring culvert modifications, catch basin
  • Marina pavement reduction
  • Dam removal – Barrington Cove

THEME: Building Overall Resiliency

  • Budget – Seek Grants / Town bond
  • Resilient code overlay district
  • Buy back of repetitive loss properties
  • Permitting is complicated and difficult

THEME: Improving Power Supply

  • Plan to get power back
  • Atria generator capacity
  • Backup power – microgrids
  • Generators – shared
  • Solar street lights

THEME: Evacuation Preparedness

  • Evacuation plan and outreach education
  • Improved evacuation signage

THEME: Post-event recovery

  • Return plan (environmental)
  • Recovery plan – homes/businesses
  • More manpower for DPW to maintain systems


  • Latham Park shoreline erosion
  • Allins Cove shoreline
  • Read Avenue flooding and stormwater
  • Anawamscut Brook watercourse (culberts and dams)
  • Street-end stormwater into Narraganset Bay
    • Bay Spring Avenue
    • Woodbine Avenue
    • Allen Avenue
    • Green Avenue
    • Read Avenue
    • Adams Avenue
  • Stormwater from impervious surfaces at area parking lots
    • Lighthouse Marina
    • Bullocks Cove Marina
    • Haines Park
  • Evacuation routes