Nationals 2018

US Nationals 2018

Open training camp: June 19-21, 10:00am - 4:00pm

Tournament: June 23-24 

We're excited to announce Shoreline Lake in Mountain View, CA as the venue for the 2018 US Kayak Polo Nationals Tournament! The deadline to register your team is June 1st. Registration is $300 per team ($250/team for Open and Women). There is a $75 late fee for entries received after June 1st. 

Divisions (will be dependent on at least 3 entries in each)


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOURSELF (each participant must fill this out)

Basic club membership criteria is generally defined as players who regularly play together. Additionally: a player who once regularly played with a club, but moved away, may compete with that club; and a player with no local club in a division may play with any club, so long as this would not clearly disadvantage another team

*A US Club Team is one in which all competitors are US Citizens, Permanent Residents, or hold a current work or student visa for the US, and who meet the basic club membership criteria.

**A Non-US Club Team includes one or more non-US residents and/or includes one or more players who do not meet basic club membership criteria.

Boat rentals

Non-exclusive plastic boat - $20 for the tournament

Exclusive composite boat - $50 for the weekend


We have reserved Sports Page (1431 Plymouth St, Mountain View, CA), less than 5 minutes drive from the venue for Saturday evening at 7:00pm. There is no set charge in advance, people can buy their own food / drinks individually. See you there!!

Training Camp

General schedule: 

Tuesday and Wednesday: skills development (B - level) and open practice (for A - level). Cost is $20/day (includes boat rental and launch fee). 10:00am - 4:00pm

Thursday: Whitewater day on the S. Fork American river

** We have a VERY limited supply of whitewater boats - you can also rent one from Current Adventures or California Canoe and Kayak