Bay Area

Kayak Polo

The Bay Area Kayak Polo club is open to paddlers of all ages interested in a safe and fun watersport. We strive to make kayaking accessible to people of diverse backgrounds in the San Francisco Bay Area.

El club de Kayak Polo del Área de la Bahía es para deportistas de todas edades que quieren participar en un deporte acuático muy divertido. Intentamos proporcionar oportunidades a personas de cualquier antecedente socioeconómico.

Youth team preseason in March - April. We're planning to have "preseason" practices in March and April on Saturdays at SLHS pool for schools in Oakland, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley or Hayward. Then in May - June we're hoping to have 4 teams to form a league! Stay tuned for dates and registration.

If you have contact with a school in this area and want to help build a team, contact