Pest Control Services San Mateo CA

We offer live Honey Bee removal and pest control services in San Mateo CA and the surrounding communities. Call 650-773-9870 or 530-391-6718.

Pest Control

Bee Free is a full-service residential and commercial pest control company providing services throughout Northern California. We offer chemical free solutions to all of your pest problems, from Bee/Wasp removal to rodent control. We offer superior quality services at comparable rates. Contact us today for more information.

Live Honeybee Removal,

Wasp & Bee Removal

Our experienced team specializes in Live Honeybee removals, as well as Bumblebee, Carpenter Bee & Wasp removal services. We will remove your problem safely and effectively. We are committed to using and providing the highest quality products and services to ensure your complete satisfaction. Contact us today!

Pest Exclusion

We also provide pest exclusion services which include an integrated pest management program for a healthier, greener approach to commercial pest control. Our pest exclusion service is a preventative tactic that screens/seals up areas of your building where the pests are likely to enter. This will deny the pests access to your facility. Contact us today for more information.

Call Bee Free in San Mateo CA today at 650-773-9870 or 530-391-6718.