L to R: Harriet Laurie, Martin Clunes and children

at THC Christmas Party, 2017.

What is TheHorseCourse?

By Harriet Laurie, founder/CEO of the facility

TheHorseCourse works when talk therapies or behaviour programmes are not helping - especially for young people struggling with trauma and anxiety.

We take them into an intensive 5 day programme, working with highly trained horses and with one-to-one support from an expert facilitator. They think they are learning to be "horse whisperers" and they are!

But behind the fun of running and jumping with horses, getting them kicking balls and playing with the youngsters at liberty… the kids have to master key skills such as

Calmness Focus Communication Planning

They have to become great observers and leaders and they usually have to slow down!

We know that the work we do is incredibly effective, with over 70% of our young people improving their attendance at school, reducing problem behaviours like self harm or explosive outbursts and reporting better relationships with family, friends and professionals -- all great indicators that their lives are getting on track.

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Book Sales Royalties for TheHorseCourse

Updated: September 30, 2018

Total books sold to date—2524

Total royalties earned to date—$6905.13

Total forwarded to THC to date—$6401.96

(Royalties are paid by book distributors in arrears, hence the difference in totals.)

June, 2017: Kris visits with Harriet Laurie at TheHorseCourse.

Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) and Kris Morris (Battling Demons book series) support TheHorseCourse, an intervention and therapy using equine-based techniques proven to help those not helped by other methods.

If you would like to make a donation to TheHorseCourse, you may do so via their website or Facebook page.