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Alabama State News

Alabama: Four public schools in Montgomery have been approved to be converted to charter schools.

Alaska State News

Alaska: Dunleavy says education tops his to-do list.

Arizona State News

Arizona: New bill in the legislature could find teachers being fired for talking politics.

Arkansas State News

Arkansas: Education Board approves employee dismissal waivers for Little Rock, Pine Bluff school districts.

California State News

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California: UTLA Update

Colorado State News

Colorado: Colorado mulls new rules for oil and gas drilling near schools

Also, in Denver negotiations continue between Denver Public Schools and the teachers union with little seeming progress.

Susanna Cordova, an assistant superintendent under outgoing superintendent Boasberg, has been chosen as the new head of DPS after what many considered a flawed national search. Prior to her being selected no mention was made of the seeming conflict of interest that her husband works for D.A. Davidson which is heavily invested in charter schools.

Connecticut State News

Connecticut: Governor Dan Malloy named to the National Advisory Board of DFER

Delaware State News

Delaware: Lawsuit Claiming Delaware is Failing Disadvantaged Students Clears Dismissal Challenge

Florida State News

Florida: The incoming Commissioner of Ed, Richard Corcoran, is already promoting an increase in "choice".

Georgia State News

Georgia: Georgia to seek federal waiver from year-end, state standardized-tests

Hawaii State News

Idaho State News

Idaho: Idaho Remains Next to Last in Per-Pupil Spending

Illinois State News

Illinois: TRS said in an email: “The Moody’s analysis properly lays the blame for TRS underfunding with state government, which has never once in 80 years provided an actuarially correct appropriation to fully fund teacher pensions. And under current law the state will continue to significantly underfund TRS for years to come.”

"Jim Reed, with the Illinois Education Association – one of the state’s largest teachers unions, says one goal should be for the state to fund public schools at a rate above 50 percent, following the state constitution’s guideline that state government has the 'primary obligation' for funding public schools. According to the Illinois State Board of Education, in 2017 state funding comprised 24.4 percent of school funding, with 7.5 percent coming from the federal government, and the majority – 68.1 percent – coming from local sources."

Indiana State News

Indiana: “Education took up more than half of the state’s last two-year budget, and so far teacher pay looks to be a big focus in 2019, but that’s not the only education issue policymakers plan – or need – to address next year.”

Iowa State News

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Iowa: “Families in Pottawattamie County are positively impacted by the services delivered by this program, which include home visits, group connections, child screening and connections to community resources, equipping parents with knowledge and resources to prepare their children for a stronger start in life and greater success in school.”

Kansas State News


Kentucky State News

Kentucky: Senator Wilson doesn't see much support for diverting state funding to charter schools.

Louisiana State News

Louisiana: The decision was recently make to close New Orleans' last public high school.

Maine State News

Maine: Mills Picks Brunswick schools official to be Maine’s next education commissioner

Maryland State News

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Maryland: Maryland releases a new School Report Card system.

Massachusetts State News

Massachusetts: A new coalition has formed to push lawmakers for more money for public education.

Michigan State News

Michigan: Michigan legislators playing around with school funding.

Minnesota State News

Minnesota: “A lot of systemic education issues found their way into the media spotlight, signaling a growing appetite for change — in how students’ health needs are met in school, in how students are disciplined, in how school safety is addressed and more. Along these lines, here’s a recap of five stories that defined this year’s education beat.”

Mississippi State News

Mississippi: 2018: A review of education legislation and growth in

Missouri State News


Montana State News

Montana: Montana State Supreme Court that the tax credit program for private schools is unconstitutional!

Civil rights complaint filed. “The district not only demonstrates indifference to but actually inflames Native students’ vulnerability to self-harm,’ stated the tribes’ civil rights complaint.”

More civil rights concerns: “Under state Board of Public Education rules, teaching licenses can be revoked for teachers after sexual misconduct. But today it is not a crime. So to revoke a teacher’s license, OPI has to build a case that the teacher acted immorally or unethically.”

Nebraska State News

Nebraska: “The number of kids in k-12 keeps increasing, but at the same time the number of Nebraska college students majoring in education decreased by a third.”

Nevada State News

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Nevada: Over 12 Clark County schools get gifts from Henderson philanthropists.

“The (new) system allows teachers to perform a number of approved activities, like mentoring or tutoring, and document them in a professional growth plan to accrue contact units. The system is intended to expand the pathway to salary advancement beyond just going back to school to earn a higher degree.”

Family, community engagement program helps Vegas families navigate education.

New Hampshire State News

New Hampshire: New Hampshire: New Hampshire School Start Date Study Lacks Input From Parents

New Jersey State News

New Jersey: In a victory against PARCC, the NJ Appellate Court has rules current graduation requirements to be unconstitutional. NJ Appeals Court: "However, the [NJDOE] regulations violate the Act to the extent they specifically authorize multiple tests administered in grades other than the eleventh grade." "the Act compels DOE to provide for alternative methods of assessing proficiency other than through PARCC testing or any other standardized testing process."

New Mexico State News

New Mexico: NM reports record graduation rate in 2018

NM to focus on college affordability and financial aid

New York State News

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New York: Ithaca students standing up for teachers.

North Carolina

North Carolina: NC lawmakers want to make schools safer by teaching about responsibility and controlling bleeding.

North Dakota

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North Dakota: “The increase is welcomed by education leaders in the state, but leaves some lawmakers wondering if the state can afford it or if it is enough.“

Ohio State News

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Ohio: Check out the recap of OEA BATs’ first year as a caucus

Oklahoma State News

Oklahoma: Republican Party in an Oklahoma county makes clear its opposition to public education

Oregon State News

Oregon: Portland Public Schools approve plan to increase police in schools

Pennsylvania State News

Pennsylvania: Tamaqua wanted to be the first Pennsylvania school district to arm teachers; now it's defending the policy in court

PSERS(PA State Education Employees Retirement Savings Fund) is still paying a Chicago-based consultant, who is under investigation by the SEC. There is a PSERS board meeting scheduled for January.

The WE Caucus (a social justice unionism caucus within the PFT) has begun a campaign to fix Philly's aging and unhealthy schools, following the Philadelphia Daily News' "Toxic City" investigation.

Rhode Island State News

Rhode Island: Students sue Rhode Island over lack of civics education

South Carolina State News

South Carolina: More than 100 education bills already filed, but larger reform measures still in the works

South Dakota State News

South Dakota: Students are using Legos to showcase their science, technology, engineering and math skills.

Tennessee State News

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Tennessee: Tennessee aims to protect students

Texas State News

Texas: ‘It’s shameful.’ Lawmakers’ panel sounds alarm on Texas schools

Utah State News

Utah: Utah has everything to fight for according to this data. We are organizing for the legislative session. We just lost the gas tax question we had on the ballot in November. Utah is the second lowest in the nation on most education related issues.

Vermont State News

Vermont: “Some lawmakers and environmental activists say a state plan that gives schools up to three-and-a-half-years to test their water for lead will put children at risk.”

Virginia State News

Virginia: Planning has ramped up for Virginia's #Red4Ed day of action.

Washington D.C.

Washington DC:

Washington State News

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West Virginia State News

West Virginia: WV State Board of Education recommends more funding for teachers, facilities, career technical ed

Wisconsin State News


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Wisconsin: Lame Duck bills passed.

How a cycle of poverty, evictions and school transfers keeps Milwaukee families from moving forward.

Carolyn Stanford Taylor, a longtime Madison educator, will be the first black state superintendent in Wisconsin history when she takes over for Evers after he is sworn in as governor Jan. 7.

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