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The purpose of this site is to be an updated clearinghouse for state education news and updates from the BAT State Administrators.

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  • Idaho: ID BATs ask you to keep close watch on the activities of the interim committee on school funding. Switching from attendance based funding to enrollment based funding is being considered for Idaho Schools. Is this really a good idea? It's an important question to ask as in other states, they have had “ghost students” attending (not) some of their charter schools. Other than counting butts in seats, how does one verify that students are actually attending?

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Kansas: Unconstitutional school finance formula.

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  • Ohio: Ohio BATs are continuing to press state legislators and elected officials to provide data proving the newly added graduation pathways will help the estimated 30,000 - 45,000 seniors who are in danger of not graduating. This article's headline says it all: They "could" boost numbers. No one seems to know for sure.

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South Dakota: The poorest areas in the entire country are on reservations in South Dakota.

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  • Our goal is to flip the House and banish ALEC and their Ed Task Force from our state. Once that's done, goal 2 is to place as many BATS and teachers on the Virginia Dept of Ed as possible to get rid of standardized testing in accreditation and evaluation measures. Simultaneously, we are working localities to educate local officials, especially for poor districts, that charters and vouchers are inferior to community schools with wrap-around services.

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