origin story

Long, long ago, in pre-pandemic world...

Two dear friends traveled to Spain (with their husbands, too!)...

Ginny and Katie have perfected the technique to recreate for you the experience of eating and drinking at the Bar La Viña in San Sebastian, where this cake was invented. Ginny takes 5 simple, cold ingredients, blends them into a frothy nog, pour this creamy mixture into parchment-lined cake tins and bakes them in a very hot oven.

That's it. Simple ingredients, treated carefully, create a precious slice of satisfaction that is never too sweet, or cloying, but simply satisfying and delicious.

Now it's your turn, unwrap this singular creation from its flutter of protective parchment, warm up a knife and slice. It's crustless, caramelized exterior, gives way to a satiny smooth interior custard that is nothing like the dense slab of a NY style cheesecake.

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