Ongi Etorri!

The Basque Club of Utah was formed in the mid 1970s to cultivate and preserve the Basque culture in Utah. The primary activities of the Club include a Public Dinner Dance, Blood Sausage dinner for members, participation in a Living Traditions Festival fundraiser, Summer Picnic for members, participation in a Carmelite Fair donation, Halloween Party for members and Christmas Party for members.

Zer Berri:

~ The Club hosted a regional Mus Tournament.

Congratulations to Michael and Antonio Rodriguez from Buffalo, WY who won the Eastern region mus tournament and to Mary Flesher and Adrian Berriochoa who came in 2nd! Both teams are eligible to go to the NABO finals in Boise next month.

Also, congratulations

to Monique J. Flesher and Marie Petraceck(from Denver) who won the mini-mus tournament and to Mary Flesher and Trinity Rodriguez(from Buffalo, WY) who came in 2nd!

~ Condolences to Mary Gaztambide's family on her passing!

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~ The Club celebrated Diaspora Day.

~ The Club's annual Mus Tournament was held on August 14th. Mary Flesher and Adrian Berriochoa were the winners and Johnny and Zachary Cendagorta came in second place.

~ The Club held its annual picnic on June 27th.

~ The Club participated in the abbreviated Living Traditions Festival on June 26th with Chorizos, Croquetas, and Churros being sold and the dancers also performed.

~ The Club held a successful Drive-through Dinner Fundraiser! Thanks to everyone who helped!!