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Our clients are very 'hands-on' and take charge of their home-improvement projects by being their own General Contractors.

 They pull the required Permits and hire who they feel is BEST for each specialized portion of the project (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, painters...etc.).

The pictures you'll see on this site are some of those happy past clients and the projects we were honored to have helped them with. Thanks!

Call or write to see how we'd be a great fit for YOUR project, too!

Always free estimates and advice.

Start your DIY project off the RIGHT WAY with a ROCK-SOLID FRAME JOB!

Basement Framing Services, Denver Metro Area. Call 720-877-4420

ADDITION OR ATTIC CONVERSION?....Check out the 'upstairs' framing site www.AtticFraming.com for even MORE custom framing and carpentry services!

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