Başak Özaydın


My name is Başak Özaydın. I am a graduate student in the EECS department at MIT. I am working on reliable communications and information theory and advised by Prof. Muriel Medard. My most recent project is GRAND-assisted optimal modulation.

Before MIT, I was an undergraduate student at Bilkent University where I studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering. At Bilkent University, I had the chance to work with Prof. Erdal Arıkan on building a Gaussian random noise generator on FPGA and on building a genetic algorithm-based permutor to cluster errors that occur during successive cancelation decoding so that Reed-Solomon codes can correct such errors when used in cascade with polar codes. I worked as an intern at National Magnetic Resonance Research Center under the supervision of Prof. Emine Ülkü Sarıtaş on simulation of a field-free line scanner using Python. I also worked on modifying existing FPGA architecture exploration tools so that they are compatible with the recent transistor technology as an intern in Prof. Paolo Ienne's Processor Architecture Laboratory in EPFL with the Summer at EPFL Program.

I am also passionate about music: I play the piano and the guitar. I love building with legos. Moreover, I enjoy traveling, hiking, and taking pictures (I took the cover picture in Switzerland).