The Barbosa Lab

Behavioral Ecology and Evolution


We study sexual selection - specifically, communication, female preferences, and the evolution of elaborate sexual traits.

We focus on insects because they are abundant and easy to work with. But mostly because they perform the most fascinating behaviors one can imagine! Our current research involves beetles, katydids and moths.

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SUMMER 2018:

At the 2018 Animal Behavior Society Meeting!

Chris Edomwande'19 and Jeannie McDonald'19 presented posters at ABS. Jeannie won a Turner Award, and Chris won a Genesis Award for best undergraduate poster!

Catching bugs near the Wildlife Discovery Center

Aaron O'Neill'21 was our Richter scholar this summer, and worked on a project on sperm competition in bean beetles.

Lab movie night!

Sonny Messar dissecting bean beetle genitalia

With the Shingleton Lab, at the 2018 Summer Research Picnic