Reviews from "The C-Word"


Extraordinary performance at our Health Care Conference… Many enthusiastic comments about the power of your words… Margaret Edson’s recommendation of you was certainly a good one.

—Barbara McClure-Lukens, Outreach & Extension, University of Wisconsin- Green Bay

Spellbinding! Even in an audience of 500, one could hear a pin drop. We laughed; we cried; we learned so much.

—Mary Gardner, M.D.; Douglas Reintgen, MD, oncologist, director, Lakeland Regional Cancer Center

A powerful and poignant performance… A story of hope, not to be missed. ..

—Vicki Hyatt, Editor, The Mountaineer, Waynesville NC

Your “C-Word” was extraordinary. I want to work with you as we build our new program.

Donald L. Rosenstein, M.D., Director, Comprehensive Cancer Support Program, UNC-Chapel Hill

We laughed, we cried and we came away with some pearls of wisdom about the tenderness of our human journey. A valuable reminder of the experience from the patient's perspective.

—Lynn Pace, Community Outreach Coordinator, Mountain Area (Care Partners) Hospice, Asheville NC

Everyone continues talking of how moved they were by your message and talent.

—Gayle Stewart, program coordinator, Palmetto Health Breast Center, Columbia SC

It was especially fitting for the Cancer Survivor's Celebration! We have had rave reviews of your performance. Thank you for putting "The C-Word" out there. If more people were informed, there might be less fear of treatment.

-Jeanne Keesler, Licensed Clinical Social Worker for Cancer Care of Western North Carolina

A powerful presentation! It highlighted the importance of screening mammography to the lay audience, & the importance of compassion to us health care providers. —Jeanette Fulton, M.D., Radiologist, Baptist Health Center, Columbia SC

Your presentation was wonderful and it was so nice to meet you. Thank you for coming to Tampa.

—Cindy McGirk, interim director, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa FL

I think God is going to work something marvelous through you, with this monologue, and with “Wit.” You can speak for the women who can't. You can say the things they only feel. —Beth Holmes, Canton NC

Imaginative, disarming, poignant, profound, and deliciously irreverent; you touched us on so many levels. —Linda McFarland, Waynesville NC

A wonderful vehicle in support of cancer patients and their families, and caregivers of all sorts.

—Nathan Frenkel, Buddy Kemp (Cancer) Caring House Charlotte NC

It's wonderful to hear someone honestly and openly talk about their fears, anger, and yes, even their fantasies! I'm sure it will help everyone, especially cancer patients and their doctors. —Lois Lynn, Canton NC

Powerful…One of the best Lunch & Learn programs we have ever had.

—Chuck Waters, Corporate Communications, Haywood Regional Medical Center, Clyde NC

I enjoyed “The C-Word” a lot; I think you have a very strong piece.

Steve Lloyd, Executive Director, Haywood Arts Regional Theatre, Waynesville NC

I hope you realize how much your story was appreciated and the healing it can bring about in people’s lives... The audience was with you all the way. —Mary Morehouse, Canton NC

I was so moved, I could barely speak afterwards… It was just beautiful.

—Chris Cox, columnist, Dean of Arts & Sciences, Southwestern Community College, Sylva NC

This presentation was very good. And I enjoyed your performance.

—Michael J. Messino, M.D., oncologist, Cancer Care of Western North Carolina

What a wonderfully inspirational presentation you gave our support group!

—Pat Johnston, R.N, O.C.N., of HOPE Women’s Cancer Center, Asheville NC

It provided a wonderful evening, and the rave reviews are still coming in.

—Elizabeth Swaringen, Cornucopia Cancer Support Center, Durham NC