Wilkommen to the Baltimore Kickers.  We are a German-American Club founded by German immigrants  in 1953 to celebrate, promote and nurture the great game of soccer. As the Club grew, so did its purpose. Today, the Kickers continue to support both youth and adult soccer while also providing  a place where people with an interest in German Heritage can come together to learn and talk about all things German. 

Over the years the Kickers membership has evolved from a German immigrant organization to a largely, but not exclusively, American membership.  Many of our current members have joined to celebrate their own German heritage or to relive and celebrate many of the experiences they have enjoyed while traveling to or living in Germany.  

The Baltimore Kickers sponsor and host a variety of events and activities.  We have a rich heritage of sponsoring both youth and adult soccer teams, providing free German language classes and participating in German community  festivities such as the German Festival in July and the Christkindelmarkt, a traditional German Christmas Market, in November . The Baltimore Kickers also sponsor cultural  trips to Europe and host a variety of both traditional German and popular non-German events at our clubhouse. We are currently the only German Club in the Baltimore region with our own clubhouse.  

For all those interested in soccer and in  exploring German heritage and culture, The Kickers is the place for you. Please feel welcome to visit us at our clubhouse and join us in a festive atmosphere with good food, good music, good company and Gemütlichkeit and to help us to continue to celebrate Baltimore’s rich heritage of everything German.  

The Club holds monthly meetings at the clubhouse (click for address) and welcomes anyone who wants to attend. If you are interested in joining please contact the Membership Director at (membership form) . We look forward to meeting you  at one of the Club meetings.