November 11-15, 2021

Baltic Way 2021

Reykjavík, Iceland

Baltic Way 2021 is a mathematical competition

Teams of students from countries around the Baltic Sea, along with Iceland and Norway are invited to take part in the competition. In 2021, Ireland is also invited to take part in the Baltic Way.

Baltic Way has been organized annually since 1990, in commemoration of the peaceful demonstrations for the independence of the Baltic nations. Traditionally, the competition takes place in different countries from among the participants each year.

Schedule Overview


Friday is the Problem Selection Day. Leaders from all participating countries meet at the University of Iceland for the selection and translation of competition problems.
Students take part in activities /excursions in and around the city of Reykjavík.


Saturday is the Competition Day. Student teams work on the competition problems at Reykjavík Junior College. Leaders prepare and perform the coordination of students' problem solutions.
Activities/excursions in and around Reykjavík are planned for leaders in the morning and students in the afternoon.


Sunday is the Closing Ceremony Day. Everyone takes part in an excursion, after which the results of the competition will be announced during the Closing Ceremony.

The goal of this event is to bring together students who are interested in mathematics and come from different countries

Organization Committee




Bea (Bjarnheiður)




Sigurður Jens

Baltic Way 2021 was made possible with support from

Icelandic Ministry of Education Science and Culture

University of Iceland

Reykjavík Junior College

Sjóvá-Almennar Insurance hf.