Download The Sims™ 4 For PC

Release your creative mind and make an interesting universe of Sims that is a statement of you! Investigate and modify everything about Sims to homes, and substantially more. Pick what Sims look like, act, and dress, then, at that point conclude how they'll experience every day. Plan and fabricate extraordinary homes for each family, then, at that point improve with your #1 decorations and stylistic layout. Go to various neighborhoods where you can meet other Sims and find out with regards to their lives. Find delightful areas with unmistakable conditions and go on unconstrained undertakings. Deal with the good and bad times of Sims' day to day existences and see what happens when you play out situations from your own reality! Recount to your accounts your direction while creating connections, seeking after vocations and life yearnings, and submerging yourself in this unprecedented game, where the conceivable outcomes are huge. Play with life!


Make Unique Sims –An assortment of Sims are yours to customize, each with particular appearances, dynamic characters, and rousing goals. Utilize amazing customization provisions to rejuvenate your creative mind. Make yourself, your #1 VIPs, your dream, or your companions! Change your Sims' clothing to mirror your temperament, foster stories that extend your reality, and give their lives reason with qualities and yearnings.

Fabricate the Perfect Home –Effortlessly assemble and plan ideal homes for your Sims utilizing Build Mode. Develop the home of your – and their – dreams by arranging its design, picking goods, and adjusting the scene and landscape. You can even add a pool, storm cellar, and garden, or modify with groundbreaking thoughts and plans!

Investigate Vibrant Worlds –Travel between areas, find astounding and unmistakable areas, and experience spellbinding scenes. Your Sims can visit new networks to extend their group of friends, spend time with companions, or toss remarkable gatherings.

Play with Life –Control the rich and engaging snapshots of your Sims' lives from their connections to their vocations. Your decisions shape each part of their lives from birth, to being a baby, and into adulthood. En route, foster your Sims' abilities, seek after unique pastimes, take them on undertakings, start new families, and considerably more.

Add New Experiences –Use the Gallery to discover motivation from a local area of players actually like you, where you can add content to your game or offer your own manifestations. Download, as, and remark on your #1 Sims, homes, and completely planned rooms. Join the local area, join the good times!