Ways to support

Thank you for your interest in supporting this ministry. There are multiple ways that you can choose to help. Here are some of the needs that we have:

Sewing skills:

Since the bag is the focus of our ministry, we are always looking for help with sewing bags. We also make pillowcases and personal-size tissue covers. See below for the requirements of the bags, and check out our video library for helpful diy videos on making bags, pillowcases and tissue holders.

Crafty Skills:

Each bag includes a journal for the girls to use with their therapist. Composition books are covered in beautiful scrapbook paper and decorated with stickers, sayings or just matching paper! We have composition books that have been donated if you need. Please be sure to stay away from anything with sharp edges, things referencing "family" or anything you would deem inappropriate. Uplifting quotes and bible quotes are great.


We fill bags as the need arises at the New Life Center. When the call comes in, the emails go out with requests for the needed supplies. You can check out the list of items we put into the bags on the BAGS page. You can be on the look out for sales and deals and be prepared when the call comes.

If you are wanting to order items from Amazon Prime, you may ship them directly to:

Dawn Pratt c/o Bags of Hope, 412 Mesa Grande Drive, Leander, TX 78641

Monetary Donations:

There are times when the supply donations aren't enough, and we need to purchase the remaining needed items. 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to the girls, nothing skimmed off for expenses.

Please make all donations payable to Upbring (Memo Bags of Hope) and forward to the following address:


P.O. Box 140767

Austin, Texas, 78714-9919

ATTENTION: Misty Fisher

Bag & Pillowcase Requirements:

Because of the abuse endured by most of the children who are admitted to the center, there is a high risk of self-harm or harm to others. For this reason, it is extremely important to make sure everything we send to the center is free from ribbon, straps, etc. longer than 8 inches, or anything sharp or jagged.

Handles should be cut at no more than 15 inches. Once sewn to the bag, you should not be able to slip it over your head. Ribbons should be well sewn down. Buttons, flowers or other embellishments are great.

Pillowcases: Standard size pillowcases can be homemade or store bought as long as the finished product is fun and decorative. Any trims must be double stitched to prevent removal by children who might want to self-harm.

Supply Requirements:

Brushes should not have metal parts; Combs can not have pointy ends (like rat-tail combs)

Socks can be fun colors or white, but need to be ankle or short

All toiletries need to be new.

Stuffed animals: no ribbon around the neck longer than 8 inches, remove all tags, eyes must not have jagged/sharp points on backside

Snacks: packaged chips, cookies, crackers, nuts, popcorn etc. NO GUM

Games: checkers, UNO, cards, puzzles, sports cards, books, beach balls, squishy balls, dominoes, crosswords. Please avoid games with pencils, pens or pointed/sharp games pieces. Staples must be removed from books.

Soap or bodywash: NO ALCOHOL in contents of body wash