Not just another tick box!

BadgEdTech allows teachers to learn about EdTech app certifications in one place. Getting BadgEd is more than just having a badge to add to your email, cv or profile. It allows you to become connected to a group of educators around the world, to learn more about how these apps work and continue to inspire and be an expert for other educators! As a new addition I've also included the EdTech badges available to empower your learners to use these tools!

The BadgEdTech website is dedicated to encouraging educators to grow their knowledge of Edtech apps, have new ideas for utilising and guides for collecting badges, certificates, ambassador status and more. With tips for success, lesson ideas and and links to additional resources including videos and websites.

In November 2019 I went to Sweden #SWE19 to become a Google for Education Certified Innovator. During the 3 days you work on solving a problem in education. This then becomes a year long project to create a solution. As a teacher I always struggled with how to support teachers to learn about the incredible #edtech apps available but loved completing the various #EdTech accreditation's. As someone with no IT/Tech background these have got me to the position I am in now. I created this project become 'learning never stops, every day is an opportunity to learn and grow.' I hope that this site will support teachers in continuing to learn to use #edtech effectively. Remember that education comes before tech always!

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Rachel Coathup,
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