Impacts of COVID-19 on teaching practice

Opportunities for virtual internships

Mission of the project

Explore how teachers work collaboratively with others and use technology to support students during the crisis of COVID-19. Identify

essential skills, resources, and support that can enable teachers to act as agents of change in difficult times.

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The project adopts TRAC, an online tool developed by researchers at the University of Edinburgh, to facilitate teaching reflections among trainee and in-service teachers.

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Through in-depth interviews, we will explore how teachers sought support from various social networks during the COVID-19 crisis and how they were able to utilise technology to support students.

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We will take co-design approaches to invite ideas for a prototype of a virtual internship that can enable experiential learning through simulated scenarios of problem situations and the provision of effective feedback.

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A virtual internship for teachers

Based on the research findings, we will conceptualise a prototype virtual internship for teachers, focusing on situations where teachers need to exercise professional thinking and skills to solve problems.