I'm Bacon. Sometimes my wife tells people about me, and mentions this site, but she has no idea what's here.

HINT: There's nothing here.

Oh, maybe not nothing.

Or send a funny text to 512-553-3767. If I don't write back to that, I'm probably not conscious. I can't even remember what the voicemail says, but nobody will ever pick it up and answer it, so leaving me messages that way works just fine too.

The links:

  1. https://bacon.reddit.com The Bacon Reddit! We hit 35k members in 2021!

  2. https://facebook.com/callme4bacon Me. Lots of odd bacon photos and stuff. It's all public for your enjoyment.

  3. https://twitch.tv/the_bacon420 Like, if things aren't extremely awful, sometimes I let you watch. Very rare.

  4. https://youtube.com/c/bacon420 Some day this will be funny too.

Have we met on the Merton Show?

One time a kid ran up to me at a laundromat screaming, "I'VE SEEN YOU!! OMG I'VE SEEN YOU!!! I KNOW YOU BACON!" I live in a small town, so that was weird. His mom didn't speak English, and I was on my way out!! Whew!

Oh, here's some silly pictures.

(Above) Left to Right: Summer Bacon. Winter Bacon. Pirate Bacon. Jamaican Bacon.

(Below) Left to Right: Orbital Bacon. Where Am I? Bacon.