Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Missing Game Studio, ltd.

  • Release Date: TBD, (Oculus Quest)

  • Platforms: Quest

  • Genre: Simulation, Shooter and Sports

  • Website: https://www.backyardarcherygame.com

  • Price: USD 9.99

  • Availability: Digital Download

  • Languages: English

  • ESRB: E for Everyone, Pegi 3

  • File Size: ~1GB

  • Press Contact: Backyardarcheryvr@outlook.com

  • Social: Twitter, YouTube, Reddit

Short Description

Backyard Archery aims to bring home the genuine Archery experience of Barebow Archery. Visit the Range, various Battle arenas, Hunting with friends, and more. Experience realistically simulated bow and arrow physics and impact sound fx from the Archery Range.

Long Description

Backyard Archery's built from the ground up for the Oculus Quest family of headsets.

Built using the Unreal Engine and optimized for 90fps gaming.

Master the technique of String-Walking. Draw to your anchor point, aim off the arrow tip, and let loose some arrows in the most realistic Archery simulation video game you have ever experienced.

Master the art of Barebow Archery, no sights, no stabilizer, no clicker, and no markings on the bow to help you aim.

Oculus Leaderboards support, Aim for the high score on global leaderboards and against your friends. And face off in Battle Arenas against other Archers in intense player vs. player action.

Full room-scale recommended.